Taxi Service in San Diego


San Diego, America

San Diego is one of the biggest cities of United States of America. It has a large network of highways and freeways. You can get around in San Diego through different means of transport. There are number of transports in San Diego, rail services, local and regional, bus services, bus rapid transit, public & and private transport, air services, ferry services, and compass card.

San Diego Taxi

San Diego Cab, established in 1992, is now providing prompt and reliable taxi services. Throughout their years of experience, they have built a strong image and reputation for comfortable and reliable journey. If you want a dependable, worry free ride or last minute pick up services, then you can rely on San Diego Cab. For Booking, please dial 800 368 2947 or visit

San Diego Silver Cab

San Diego Silver Cab is providing quick, reliable and courteous taxi services. They have a large fleet of well-maintained, environment friendly hybrid cars. It was established in 1979 and since then it is providing 24/7 services to its customers.  MTS Taxi administrative staff inspects their vehicles on regular basis for safety purpose. For Booking, please dial at 619 280 5555 or visit

Red Cab Company was established in 1959. It is offering safe, fast and dependable transportation services in the city of San Diego. It is interesting to know that you can also book a taxi by simply sending a text message. All you need to do is to type your name along with pickup address to 619 661 0107 and you will receive confirmation message of your taxi. For more details about booking, please visit or dial 619 661 0107

Euro Taxi, founded recently in 2013, is now providing its transportation services in 165 cities of 41 countries. They offer worry free cab booking by sitting in your home and travel solutions as per your journey. You can also pre-book a taxi before arriving at San Diego. For booking, download their mobile app on your phone or visit the website.


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